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Dr. Shea

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Hi! I am Dr. Elena Shea

I am a pediatrician and a mom, both full-time jobs.

I hope the information in my blog will help you get the information you need to make being a mom easier and successful.

Since your child did not come with instructions I will try to guide you through the wonderful adventure of raising a child.

About Dr. Shea

How To Become A New Parent

The first child is a learning experience on how to manage the new baby, your work and your life.

It’s not easy, since there is so much misinformation that you need to avoid,

I am here to give your advice from someone that has been there.

Dr. Elena Shea

People are Talking...

Becca, mom of two

I worry all the time. Thank you so much for all your information. When I have a question I just look it up on your page and it makes me feel better!


Sarah, mom of one

Such great tips! New mamas are lucky to have you!! I know I could have used this support when my kiddo was little!



Jennifer, mom of one

I appreciate how Dr. Elena shares some of her own struggles because it normalizes the questions, self-doubt, thoughts and feelings most mamas have. I also liked the analogies which make everything easy to understand.


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