About Dr. Shea

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am so excited that you have joined me for this amazing journey

A little bit about me.  I am Dr. Elena, a board-certified pediatrician and mom of three.  I am originally from Miami, FL and lived there until high school.  My family then moved to Central America, where I finished high school.  After studying history at Yale University and medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine, I moved to Washington, DC to do my pediatric residency at Georgetown University Hospital.

While in the DC area, I met my amazing husband.  We got married when I finished residency and have lived in the area ever since (except for a 2 year stint in Italy!).  We have three amazing littles and one awesome 20-something year old from my husband’s first marriage.  I work in a large general pediatric practice about 25 miles west of the nation’s capital and love being able to help care for a diverse patient population.

Over the last few years I have become increasingly passionate about breast feeding support and medicine.  I struggled to nurse my children and felt the external pressure of our pro-breastfeeding society so much.  I had amazing IBCLCs who helped and supported me during those hard times and truly feel they saved my life.  I want to do the same.  So I became an IBCLC and created Breastfeeding Basics and Beyond, the first of it’s kind all virtual breastfeeding educational course.

Outside of medicine, I love reading, watching movies with my family and am working hard to become a gym rat. I am also so excited to use this blog and my social media accounts to help empower families like yours.