Choosing A Pediatrician


Picking a pediatrician for your kids is such an important decision. Here are some things to consider to make the best decision for you and your family.

Ask for recommendations. Ask your family and friends who they take their kids too. Ask them why they like their doctor. Ask if there is anyone they have been to they don’t like and why. Check their
location and hours. Make sure they take your insurance and are accepting new patients.

Check credentials. Your pediatrician should have completed a pediatric residency after medical school. They should be or be eligible to be board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.

Consider experience. How long has your doctor been out of training? Did they further specialize in any other pediatric specialty? What is their range of experience?

Make sure they are up to date on current research and guidelines. Medicine is constantly changing and it is crucial your doctor know what the current recommendations are for whatever you are
asking. They should also be willing to say, “I don’t know.” A good doctor is a lifelong learner who is willing to acknowledge holes in their knowledge and be willing to look up the information.

Make sure you like them. You will see your pediatrician at least 7 times in your baby’s first year of life. They should be a trusted resource that you can aks anything to. But everyone is different and
sometimes personalities don’t click. That is ok. Be honest and look for someone who you do click with. We don’t take it personally. We want the best for your baby too. Take advantage of meet-the-doc visit.

A word about alternative vaccine schedules. Following the AAP guidelines, all pediatricians should be discussing and recommending vaccines at appropriate visits. If you plan to follow a not-CDC approved
schedule or refuse all together, I encourage you to openly discuss it with your pediatrician. Every practice has different policies concerning vaccines. The topic can be a point of division but please
remember, our ultimate goal is to keep your child healthy.

How did you pick your pediatrician

About Dr. Shea

Dr. Shea grew up in Florida and is fluent in Spanish. She spent two years abroad in Italy where she worked as a physician at the Health Unit of the US Embassy, Rome. During her training she developed an interest in international Child Health. She enjoys spending time reading novels, running for fitness and eating at new restaurants.


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