Five Tips For Taking Care Of You!


Practicing self care is so important to maintaining emotional, physical and mental health and well being. Study after study tells us how important it is to take care of ourselves in order to protect our mental and physical healthy. Especially as a mom, I know how hard it is to carve out that time to focus on me.

Here are some ways to try to make sure you are taking care of you!

☆Getting to sleep earlier. Rolling your eyes? Yeah, I know! I roll my eyes every time someone tells me that too. I work full time, am raising two toddlers and have stuff to do! And sometimes I just like to be alone (or with my husband) at night after everything is done. It’s me time. But I also know that being well rested can make all the difference in mood.

☆Eating. Nourishing our bodies with healthy foods fuels us and keeps us feeling well. I know how hard this can be as a mom. Lots of times I am eating off my kids plates rather than eating my own meal. I snack on their snacks and don’t feel hungry for dinner. Being aware of what we are fueling our bodies with and trying (trying is key!) to eat healthier is sometimes all it takes.

☆Exercising. Being active for 30minutes per day can affect your mood for hours after. And it doesn’t have to be an intense gym sweat session. Going for a walk or doing yoga can have the same effect. When the weather allows it, take your exercise outside. Study after study show that those who spend time in nature are overall happier and more at peace. And an appreciation of nature is a great thing to teach our kids.

☆Taking “me” time. As parents we are told by society that our needs come last. So many of us but everything else before ourselves. We take care of children, work (whether in the home our outside the home), carry an amazing amount of mental weight and are expected to do it all. Anyone else think that’s not fair? Research has shown that parenting burnout (like work burnout) is a real thing that can affect the mental and physical health of both parents and children. Acknowledging that we matter, that sometimes things need to get left undone so we can take care of ourselves is so important!! Whether it’s spending time pursuing a hobby, mediating or just 5more minutes in the bath, you deserve time to refocus on you.

☆Saying no. We are taught to always say yes, to put others first and ourselves last. But we are worthy of being put first. We deserve to put our desires first. So if you don’t want to, don’t. It’s ok.

What things do you do to take care of you?

About Dr. Shea

Dr. Shea grew up in Florida and is fluent in Spanish. She spent two years abroad in Italy where she worked as a physician at the Health Unit of the US Embassy, Rome. During her training she developed an interest in international Child Health. She enjoys spending time reading novels, running for fitness and eating at new restaurants.


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