Why Reading


Reading with your child is one of the simplest things that you can do as a parent that can have a life long
positive impact on your child.

A study from 2019 showed that when compared to children who are read 1 to 2 books a week, children
who are read an average of 5 books to day have heard more than 1.4 million more words. The result is
children who are exposed to many more words that they may not otherwise hear.

Studies show that when parents interact verbally (like when they read to their child) it promotes brain development in young

Those readings of your kiddo’s favorite book? Repetition has been found to help children recognize
patterns which helps them develop logic skills.

A study from 2018 showed that children raised in a home with at least 80 books have greater literacy and
number prowess as adults. Growing up surrounded by books can promote reading, math and knowledgeseeking skills more than college alone (and it is waaaaay cheaper)

Reading can reduce a child’s stress level. Why you may ask? In part it is the soothing rhyme and rhythm of
children’s literature. But mostly it is because of the cuddling that comes with reading. Those cuddles are the

Currently we read “Dragon Post” and the Nibbles series (great finds from Usborne Books and More)
obsessively. What are your kids favorites??

About Dr. Shea

Dr. Shea grew up in Florida and is fluent in Spanish. She spent two years abroad in Italy where she worked as a physician at the Health Unit of the US Embassy, Rome. During her training she developed an interest in international Child Health. She enjoys spending time reading novels, running for fitness and eating at new restaurants.


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